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"Soo moving and how true. I am a clinician and there's hardly a day that I don't marvel at the intricacy and sophistication of the human systems -which are numerous. Count me in- in this beautiful program!"

Fellow Yid

Hi, I saw your video and was super inspired to concentrate on saying Asher Yatzar. My husband had a serious health issue years ago, which took away his ability to go to the bathroom. It's unfortunate that we usually don't appreciate something until it's taken way from us. I started an Asher Yatzar campaign a while back, but as with a lot of things in life, it fizzled. I had many children to care for as a single mother, while juggling going back to school. So, it's very inspiring to see that you are not letting this fizzle out and really rallying around this amazing cause. Asher Yatzar is a FREE health insurance policy and I'm sure your story is touching thousands!!!! Hashem should send you a complete refuah in honor of this amazing kabbalah you have taken upon yourself to spread to the world. May you have health emotionally and physically and the energy to continue on this amazing mission that Hashem has chosen you for.!

Chana F. - Woodmere